Over a period of time, people started using Refined oil for cooking which is instantly available in shops at affordable prices. All the adds surrounding us insist us to buy these instant refined oil stating many health benefits that we get out of it.

But have you ever thought of using Cold-pressed oil which is made absolutely natural and healthy? Lets have a quick glimpse of how its made and its nutritional properties.


  • Generally, oil which is made out of seeds without generating heat is called Cold pressed oil.
  • In this method, seeds are crushed using a pestle and mortar process. Pestle is available in wood and iron, but wooden pestles are used since they produce no heat during the process. The production of heat might decrease the nutrition content present in the oil, hence wooden material is used.

For instance , sesame seeds, groundnut and coconuts are made as cold-pressed oils



Here, coconut meat is grated and dried for some time and then the oil is extracted from this and the process is held at less than 40 degrees Celsius. The word ‘Virgin’ is used to indicate the purity of the oil.

Unlike methods which are used for commercial purpose, this method stands out of the box, making it pure and high in nutrition.

The aroma of the oil helps us to find that it is virgin oil.


  • Coconut virgin oil consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • It fairly contains vitamins and minerals.
  • The fat present in the coconut oil helps us to boost our energy and instantly provide energy.
  • Also it stands  as a good source of calorie content.
  • It can also maintain the sugar level in human body
  • Apart from all the health benefits, usage of this oil in cooking makes the dish rich in aroma and divine taste.



  • Groundnut oil is rich in antioxidants which helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases.
  • It contains a good amount of vitamin E
  • It can be used for the deep fry of food.



  • As sesame seeds consist of magnesium, the oil helps us to reduce blood pressure.
  • It provides a great source of protein.
  • The fiber content present in the oil aids indigestion.

As a cessation, regular use of cold-pressed oil can keep us away from diseases and more fit.