From ancient times till now there have been evolutionary changes in agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of the country, the method of farming has changed to a great extend.

Over a period of time farmers started using synthetic materials such as pesticides and fertilizers which can produce a good yield and also prevent the unwanted growth of microorganisms on plant species. On the other hand, to explore, the use of synthetic inputs has resulted in cancer, breathing issues, sting eyes, rashes, blindness, and more diseases in humans.

The use of toxics has not only affected humans but also spoils the fertility of the soil, it kills the natural microorganisms which help the fertility of the soil. Making it worse, it also contaminates the underground water which can be used for many purposes.

organic farming


To overcome all the issues discussed above there evolved a method of practicing organic farming.

Organic farming is the method of farming that is done in such a way that people, the environment, the fertility of the soil, and underground water are not affected. Yes, this is the healthiest way of farming which can yield food with the actual nutritious content present in rice, wheat, grains, fruits, and other plants. This type of farming is recommended everywhere as it gives us complete health.